White Sage Smudge Stick

White Sage Smudge Stick

White sage (Salvia Apiana) from the coastal mountains of California. This is a broad leaf sage which is prized for its rich aromatic properties. This sage has the strongest scent of all sages we carry. These large bundles are approximately 8  inches in length.

White sage, also known as sacred sage, is an evergreen native to the Southwest USA. This pungent herb has been used for centuries by African & Native Americans in ritual cleansing and healing practices. Burn white sage to purify/clear energy, and restore balance, for protection and spiritual purification.

The clean burning sage is used in the energy cleansing ritual known as smudging (or purification), which in theory means the smoke would attach itself to the negative energy of the area and cleanse it so that it becomes positive energy.


Size: 7-9in

  • Burning Instructions

    Hold the smudge stick over an open flame, tilting the end down at a 45 degree angle. Once lit, let the wood burn visibly for approximately 20 seconds, relighting as necessary.

    Blow out the Smudge stick and allow to smolder. If it is difficult to light we recommend untying the string and unraveling it a little bit. Sometimes the sage bundle can be tight and doesn’t leave much room for oxygen to ignite the flame.

  • About Smudging

    Smudging is an ancient form of ritual alchemy used to change, shift, and transform using the element of air.  Smoke from dried sage and other sacred plants change the ionic composition of the air and reduce your stress response and any negativity.  It’s like taking an energetic shower when you take the time to smudge your sacred spaces, home, office, and your body.