White Sage and Lavender Smudge Bundle

White Sage and Lavender Smudge Bundle

This is a unique sage that is perfect for special space cleansing and adding together the benefits of Lavender and White Sage.


White Sage is for protection


Lavender:  healing, purification, and chastity


Use this sage smudge stick to remove negative or incompatible energies and vibrations from the environment.  Native Americans and Africans routinely use smudging as a vehicle for spiritual transformation, to raise vibration, and to purify a room, dwelling or space.  When sage is burned, the smoke releases negative ions, which allows purification to occur.


Size: 7-9in

  • About Smudging

    Smudging is an ancient form of ritual alchemy used to change, shift, and transform using the element of air.  Smoke from dried sage and other sacred plants change the ionic composition of the air and reduce your stress response and any negativity.  It’s like taking an energetic shower when you take the time to smudge your sacred spaces, home, office, and your body.

  • Burning Instructions

    Hold the smudge stick over an open flame, tilting the end down at a 45 degree angle. Once lit, let the wood burn visibly for approximately 20 seconds, relighting as necessary.

    Blow out the Smudge stick and allow to smolder. If it is difficult to light we reco