Medical First Responders Crystal Stack Bracelet Set

Medical First Responders Crystal Stack Bracelet Set

We are so thankful to our medical teams during this global pandemic.  We had to create something just for them.  This gorgeous stackable bracelet set includes Blue Tiger's Eye, White Jade and Stainless Steel accents.  These would make a perfect gift for any of your Medical loved ones.


Bracelet set includes 3 crystal single bead strand stretch bracelets.

Beads are 8 and 10mm.

  • Healing Properties

    Blue Tiger's Eye

    Blue Tigers Eye has powerful properties and energies that may help in reducing anxiety and stress. What’s more, its energies can be also used to eliminate negative thoughts and feelings.

    This stone can offer you focus, mental clarity, and a deeper insight regarding your experiences, whether it is positive or negative.  Blue Tigers Eye will allow you to perceive the problems which may have been difficult to perceive otherwise.

    Blue Tiger's Eye is known to help in easing eye problems as well as fortifying the blood. Furthermore, Blue Tigers Eye may boosts physical vitality as well as strength.

    On the other hand, the stone’s energies may help restore the balance in your body. 


    White Jade

    From the chromatic point of view White Jade connects to the crown chakra and in fact, it is indicated above all to work on the mental and spiritual level!

    It is known to protect you from negative energies. It has also been used for centuries as a lucky charm, capable of bringing harmony to life.

    You can wear it during meditation when you need to make an important decision or feel stuck when it comes to taking a step forward.

    On a physical level it is recommended if you have kidney or bladder problems. It also seems capable of alleviating the pains of arthritis. It then fights fluid retention and high blood pressure.