Black Soap & Essential Oils Luxury Skin Care Set

Black Soap & Essential Oils Luxury Skin Care Set

This luxurious Skin Care regimen handmade by us for us:  beautiful women and men.

Beautiful Emotions includes the best quality organic products from Ghana.  This is  what you need for beautiful skin and hair care!


Beauty regimens started in African nations and Egypt thousand of years ago.  Beautiful natural skin care is the same, today, yesterday and forever comes from natural sources in the motherland.


Beautiful Emotions Luxury Skin Care Kit includes:


Black Soap Bar - for exfoliating, cleansing, tightening skin - great for normal or acne prone skin. 


Liquid Black Soap Luxury Skin and Hair Care all in one - Restore smooth, moist, healthy, vibrant skin and hair with this natural product.  All natural ingredients includes Ghanian Liquid Black Soap with grapeseed oil,  olive oil,  Shea butter oil, Black Seed Oil. Tea Tree Oil, Lemon Oil for luxurious smooth skin and hair. 


Luxury Skin Care oil for moisturizing your face, skin and hair includes Shea Nut Butter Oil, Black seed Oil, Olive Oil and Egyption musk fragrance for a light fresh clean.  


As part of our skin care kit we include  a natural body sponge from the sea, and 2 facial sponges and a bamboo soap dish for your black soap bar.  


This is a great gift for you and a friend or relative!  Self-care is equivelant to loving yourself!  You will absolutely Love it! A $50 (A La Carte) Value for just $39.95


    Beautiful Emotions


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