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Why Beautiful Emotions? Our Story...

A Mother/Daughter Team, Dr. Valerie Brown-Baul, Leadership, Life Coach, Spiritual Leader and Christina Emmanuel-De Luna, Licensed Mental Health Therapist and Natural Healing expert created a line of inspirational and healing products. We created Beautiful Emotions to promote wellness, beauty, healing, stress relief and positive statement products. We feel these products will enhance your state of mind. We recommend that our therapy and coaching clients use these products and tools to maintain a positive mental state.


Symbols of Life:

Christina Always used Butterflies and Lotus symbols as her theme and I use the Tree of Life and the Ankh as my symbols. (so you will see a lot of these symbols of life in our product line).

  • Lotus Flower Symbol: "Being, Purity, Beauty" The lotus flower is the symbol of the realization of being. As a symbol of purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration and rebirth. Its characteristics are a perfect analogy for the human condition: even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the Lotus produces the most beautiful flower.

  • Butterfly Symbol: Symbol of Powerful Transformation:As stated earlier, a butterfly is the symbol of great change. By imitating the growth of this insect, the significance of the butterfly puts emphasis on our capability to travel from one state, perception, and way of life to another.In early Christianity, the butterfly was a symbol of the soul. In China, it was used as a symbol of conjugal bliss and joy. To Native Americans, the butterfly is a symbol of change, joy and color. The exquisite butterfly was considered a miracle of transformation and resurrection.

  • Tree of Life Symbol: "Immortality, Growth & Strength" The Tree Of Life Symbol represents a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality, A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal.

  • The Ankh Egyptian hieroglyph Symbol: "Life" or "Breath of Life" (`nh= ankh) and, as the Egyptians believed that one's earthly journey was only part of an eternal life, the ankh symbolizes both mortal existence and eternal life.


The I AM Way

The words I AM and BE are symbolic of God our creator and who we are created to be. These are Words/Acronyms that help us stay in a present positive state of mind. I published a book called the I AM Way which incorporates the importance of knowing oneself and being oneself.

Our quality products consist of Jewelry, Aromatherapy, Journals, Inspirational designs and messages that inspire beautiful moments and beautiful emotions. Emotions that promote healing, love, peace, hope and prosperity.

BE who YOU are meant to be while living the life YOU are meant to live! ​

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