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Social Reform: Let's Turn this World Upside Down!

We can turn this world upside down with adjusting a TWO things within ourselves.

Social Reform starts with LOVE and RESPECT. I am a love bug, not the touchy, feely, kissy kind. I am a love bug from an inclusive, unity, justice for all and respect for the entire human race kind.

You see, I understand that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. I understand, spiritually we are all connected. So that's where the love your neighbor as you love yourself comes in. Why? Because we are all connected, when you hurt others you hurt yourself. This is a universal principal. I also understand as humans we have egos and some people's egos are bigger then others, that's where the problems come in.

If we recognize there is only ONE race of people, but different cultures, different families and different ideas of living then and only then can we learn to respect one another's rights to live and partake of the goodness that this world has to offer.

But the Ego Tripping folks that think they rule the world are in for a rude awakening. I hope they awaken to the Truth I listed earlier of us being one, but unfortunately some will awaken to the truth that Negative Pride comes before the fall. A fall from their own imagined superiority, their own corrupt ways of dishonoring others. The universe and the earth have a way of clearing out excessive negativity and God knows how to expose and humble people.

I believe we are experiencing that earth cleansing and humbling experience right now with the Pandemic, social unrest, exposure of corrupt systems, people from many different cultures coming together for the common good. People are starting to want to have a conversation about different ideas and culture. I see people becoming more and more humanitarian.

To respect one another we need to embrace the following;

  1. Self- Reflection: Understanding the truth, who we are and that we are all connected spiritually and exist to create a beautiful world. Each of us has a purpose.

  2. Take Action: Change your attitude, love more and experience more beautiful emotions.

  3. Mastery: Your Health is Your Wealth - Master your health and wellness so you can help others master theirs!

Here at Beautiful Emotions we want to support you on this journey of embracing beauty and love. Peacefully Yours!

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